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Impossible and Polaroid fans

80 years ago today, Edwin Land founded Polaroid. In the decades that followed, Polaroid would change the world with the invention of the instant camera and the ability to create photos that come to life in the palm of your hand.
Now, we’re here to start a brand new chapter in that story.

e as novidades

Today we are launching a new camera inspired by Polaroid’s original OneStep from 1977. Our goal was simple — create an accessible, easy-to-use instant camera that invites everyone to take part in analog instant photography. At £109.99, it’s more competitively priced in today’s money than the original OneStep was in 1977, and we’re excited about what that means for bringing more people into the analog fold. Not only that, it’s just as easy to use as the original OneStep, but with some great modern features like a more precise, aspheric lens, powerful flash, built-in battery and self-timer function.

All new brand. All new film: 
Polaroid Originals launches with a new generation of Color film, sharper and brighter than the Impossible film that came before it. And with development time down to 10-15 minutes, it’s a big step forward for our instant color chemistry. B&W is there as good as ever, and Special Edition film will continue, starting with the firm fan favorite, our 600 Color Frames Edition in both Color and B&W formulas.
Vintage formats, and new i-Type: 
Polaroid Originals will continue to support the vintage Polaroid formats, including 600, SX-70, Spectra and 8x10, producing color and B&W film for each platform.  We’re also introducing the new Polaroid Originals i-Type format film — it’s now battery-free, so it’s better value, and optimized for i-Type cameras to offer the pinnacle of instant photography for the modern age.
And refurbished vintage cameras continue: 
Our program of carefully refurbishing vintage cameras will continue with Polaroid Originals, so legendary Polaroid models like the SLR 680, SX-70, Sun 600, and Spectra/Image will still be found in our new webstore at In fact, they're all there right now, with a few new additions on their way as well.

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