sábado, agosto 09, 2014

Federico Babina - ARCHIMUSIC

Há malta que invejo pelo talento que tem, para além disso quando são coisas únicas e nunca antes vistas. Cada músico com a sua casa? Que ideia gira.

"What would it looks like if your favorite bands or musicians were buildings? Well ok, that sounds kind of weird, but illustrator Federico Babina thought about that and the result looks simply amazing. The illustrator created the “Archimusic” poster series featuring several illustrated buildings based on famous bands and musicians. Architecture and used colors are inspired by the sound, personality, and the individual style of the artists. The series includes a greate variety of bands and musicians from different genres and eras. I wonder if Federico Babina’s taste in music is as diverse as this selection of different artists. However, this poster series includes incredibly creative illustrations of buildings based on amazing artists."

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Anónimo disse...

Está mesmo mto giro!!! :D Adorei!
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